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MAA’s – Tree plantation program in Saptari District, Nepal Madheshi Association in America (MAA) launched its campaign, “GREEN MADHESH” with a pilot project of tree plantation in flood-prone area of Saptari District. On the occasion of World Environmental Day-2019, with the financial assistance of NRS 177,000 (US$ 1,600) from MAA and technical support from Diploma Engineers’ Association, Nepal (DEAN), a tree plantation program was organized by Tilathi-Koiladi Rural Municipality in the complex of Rajendra Devki High School, Koiladi. On this occasion, 250 tree saplings of two species of tree (Teak and Mahogany) were planted, and a fence was erected for the protection of planted trees. Venue of the program orientation The tree plantation program was attended by Mr. Kameshwar Singh (President, DEAN & Chairman, SAARC Diploma Engineers’ Forum), Dr. Mahendra Mahato (Member, MAA Board of Trustee), Mr. Satish Singh (Chairman, Tilathi-Koiladi Rural Municipality), Ms. Suchita Yadav (Deputy Chairman, Tilathi-Koiladi Rural Municipality), Mr. Dhirendra Prasad Singh (Saptari District Forest Officer), Mr. Dipendra Jha (Head Teacher, Rajendra Devki High School, Koiladi), local leaders, social workers, school teachers, students, and villagers. Mr. Kameshwar Singh expressed that the tree plantation was done in the school so that students can get education in the clean environment of the school, and since the school is close to the river floodplain, trees will help to protect the school from erosion due to any flooding. While Mr. Singh highlighted DEAN’s role in various relief efforts of natural disaster and riverbank protection to control flooding, he emphasized that people should get opportunity to live in clean environment, for which an awareness program for the environmental conservation by planting trees should be launched at the large scale, and the MAA’s role in such efforts can be an example. Plantation activities in the field Students and other participants On the same occasion, MAA Board of Trustee Member, Dr. Mahendra Mahato highlighted the goals and objectives of MAA, and emphasized that as per MAA’s mission to conduct the program for the wellbeing of Madheshis in America, Nepal and abroad, this pilot project of tree plantation in the school is an initiation to bring larger project for the biodiversity and environmental conservation as a part of “GREEN MADHESH” throughout the Madhesh in Nepal. Volume 1, Issue 2 Aanchal (?????) July 2019 Newsletter Madheshi Association in America (MAA) January 01, 2019 Importance of the plantation activities School students’ involvement in the program MAA’s campaign, “GREEN MADHESH” and tree plantation program, including one done in Koiladi School, is jointly coordinated by Dr. J. P. Sah and MAA Vice-President Mr. Surendra Chaudhary under the long-term programs of MAA Project’s Committee led by Dr. Umesh Yadav. MAA is thankful to all who helped in the program and following members for their financial contribution for tree plantation pilot project.

Contributor’s Name

Dr. J. P. Sah – $100.00

Sunil Ray – $146.00

Ramnaresh Pandey – $100.00

Satendra Shah – $200.00

Mohammad Raeen – $100.00

Dr. Umesh Yadav – $100.00

Ritesh Chaudhary – $100.00

Sarita Sah – $100.00

Madhesi Youth (Puru Shah) – $100.00

Sanjay Verma – $100.00

Dr. Mahendra Mahato – $100.00

Subodh Shah – $100.00

Dr. Binod Shah – $100.00

Amit Shah – $100.00

Raj Sarraf – $100.00