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MAA Working Committees (2018 - 2020)

MAA Working Committees

Bylaws committee:

Function: Collect suggestions coming from any member of MAA and present those suggestions for amendment as written in Bylaws

  • Dr. Mahendra Mahato
  • Dr. Binod Shah, Mr. Kaushal Yadav, Mr. Sangit Rauniyar, Mr. Satendra Shah, Mr. Suneel Sah. Mr. Suraj Nayak. Dr. Suresh Sah.

Emergency/natural disaster relief committee:

Function: Coordinate emergency fund raising, plan the needed activities, and implement the emergency activities in the impact area.

  • Mr. Mohammad Rafid
  • Mr. Chandra Deo Mandal, Mr. Navin Sah, Mr. Ramesh Yadav, Mr. Satendra Sah.

Women education and empowerment committee:

Function: Collect the idea for status of women in terms of hygiene, education, legal right, economic empowerment, and skill level, develop a project and programs, and coordinate the implementation of woman development programs.

Chair: Ms. Sarita Shah

Members: Ms. Bandana Sah, Ms. Binam Mahaseth. Ms. Madhu Shah, Ms. Nidhi Shah, Dr. Ranju Rani Karna, Mrs. Seema Sah, Dr. Sujata Shah.


Youth committee:

Function: Contact Madheshi youths in USA, collect their opinions about their problems, suggest solution to their problems, develop other youth programs, and coordinate the implementation of those programs.

  • Dr. Varun Gupta
  • Mr. Dharmendra Jha, Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Thakur, Mr. Jay Yadav, Dr. Maheshwar Sah, Mr. Rakesh Yadav.


Membership drive committee:

Function: Coordinate with each chapter and recruit new members. Remind and send a letter/email/a phone call to renew the membership of existing members. Collect the information about the members’ problems and potential members’ needs and initiate the solution of those problems.

Chair: Mr. Manoj Singh

Members: Mr. Chetnarayan Yadav, Mr. Dinesh Sah, Mr. Jay Sah, Mr. Lal Kishor Mahaseth, Mr. Mithilesh Yadav. Mr. Pramod Mahaseth, Mr. Sanjay Verma, Mrs. Sarita Shah, Dr. Umesh Yadav.


Business committee:

Function: Contact each MAA Chapter if anyone in the Chapter wants to start business and their needs, help to find investors, attorney (if needed) and CPA to support their business.

  • Mr. Pramod Kumar Yadav
  • Mr. Aniket Sah, Mr. Binay Kant Chaudhary, Mr. Binod Sah, Dr. Biplav Yadav, Mr. Dinesh Shah, Mr. Jay Sah, Mr. Jay Yadav, Mr. Lai Kishor Mahaseth, Mr. Navin Sah, Mr. Raj Saraf, Mr. Sangit Rauniyar, Mr. Satendra Shah, Mr. Subhas Shah.


MAA foundation and charity committee:

Function: This group will set up a MAA Foundation and make a separate by-law for the foundation. MAA foundation will set up a charity fund for different program and request for money to local, national, international people. MAA foundation will carry out charity program in different areas of USA and Nepal.

  • Dr. Binod Shah
  • Dr. Biplav Yadav, Dr. Mahendra Mahato, Mr. Navin Sah, Mr. Raj Sarraf, Mr. Sangit Rauniyar, Dr. Sanju Mahato, Mr. Subhash Shah, Mr. Suneel Sah, Dr. Suresh Shah.


Fund raising committee for MAA:

Function: This committee will explore and encourage the donors to support the MAA convention, and MAA programs in USA and Nepal.

Chair: Dr. Sanju Mahato

Members: Mr. Amit Sah, Mr. Dinesh Sah, Mr. Lal Kishor Mahaseth, Mr. Surendra Chaudhari.


Publication/Newsletter committee:

Function: Collect information about MAA activities and articles that are related to socio-economic issues and development of Madhesh and Madheshis; and publish Newsletter periodically.

Chief editor: Dr. Mahendra Mahato

Executive editor: Mr. Ram Naresh Pandey

Managing editor: Mr. Sanjay Verma

Editors: Mr. Ambar Hajariya, Mr. Amit Shah, Mrs. Nidhi Rani Shah, Mr. Rakesh Yadav, Dr. Rakesh Shah, Mr. Sangit Rauniyar, Dr. Sanjay Sah, Mr. Subhash Shah, Dr. Umesh Yadav, Dr. Varun Gupta.


Media and Web page committee

Function: Represent the organization to the community; enhance the organization’s image, including communications with the press; collect, maintain, and utilize lists of media contacts and past and potential attendees for targeted outreach; promote/advertise MAA activities through various news media and MAA webpage, and maintain the MAA website.

  • Mr Rakesh Yadav
  • Mr. Chandradev Mandal, Mr. Raj Sarraf, Mr. Amit Shah, Mr Sanjay Verma, Mr. Shyam Yadav, Dr. Suresh Shah.


Inter organizations relationship committee.

Function: Contact other organizations in Nepal, USA and abroad, and collect the information about them for the purpose of MAA activities.

  • Mr. Ambar Hajaria

Members: Dr. Binay Kanta Chaudhari, Mr. Mohammad Rafid, Mr. Satendra Sah, Dr. Varun Gupta.


Project committee:

Function: This committee is responsible will develop proposal in support of the program running in Nepal, sign MOU with different organizations, evaluate the progress of work. planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of any project to achieve the project objectives on time and at the specified cost, quality and performance. The committee will also establish working groups, as necessary, to bring in additional expertise on specific issues.

Chair: Dr. Umesh Yadav

  • Dr. Binay Kanta Chaudhari, Mr. Mohammad Rafid, Dr. Mahendra Mahato, Mr. Sangit Rauniyar, Mr. Satendra Shah, Mr. Surendra Chaudhari.


MAA chapter coordination committee:

Function: Each MAA Executive Vice-president will coordinate with the designated Chapter President for chapter activities and extended programs. It has four sub-committees:

  1. Chair: Dr. Binay Kanta Chaudhari – Vice President of EC
  2. a) Mr. Dinesh Sah – President of Southern California Chapter; b) Ms. Sarita Shah president of Northern California chapter


B) Chair: Ms. Madhu Shah – Vice President of EC

  • a) Mr. Chetnarayan Yadav – President of Washington DC Chapter; b) Mr. Sanjay Verma – President of Ohio Chapter; c) Mr. Prem Singh – President of Florida Chapter

C) Chair: Mr. Surendra Chaudhary vice president of EC (chair)

  • a) Mr. Lal Kishor Mahaseth president of New England Chapter; b) Mr. Mithilesh Yadav president of Austin Chapter

c) Mr. Rajeshwar Chaudhari president of Chicago Chapter.

D) Chair: Dr. Varun Gupta – Vice-president

Members: a) Mr. Jay Sah – President of Pittsburg Chapter; b) Mr. Manoj Singh President of Greater New York Chapter; c) Dr. Umesh Yadav. President of Texas Chapter

Cultural coordination committee:

Function: Collect the information about the persons who are involved in cultural program nationally and internationally; develop an idea how to promote the cultural activities; and conduct the cultural programs that promote the MAA objectives.

Chair: Mr. Amit Sah

Members: Ms. Madhu Shah, Mr. Rajesh, Kumar Labh, Dr. Vijay Jha, Dr. Yogendra Raut.

Who is who and legal committee:

Function: Develop an electronic version of Who is Who list so that MAA members can contact them if they need any expertise and help. Set up the distribution page of MAA members in USA electronically.

  • Mr Binod Sah
  • Mr. Ananda Yadav, Mr. Raj Sarraf

Dr. Rakesh Sah, Mr. Sangit Rauniyar.

Immigration emergency fund raising and Coordinator of above committees:

Function: Collect the report of the above committees, and give a report to EC in meeting and submit that report to General Secretory, and General Treasurer of MAA

  • Mr. Satendra Shah (Sr. Vice-president)