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MAA has five member-Board of Trustee (BOT).  One of the is designated as the Chairperson of BOT. Their role ise to observe the overall activities of the Executive Committee but do not interfere in its normal activities. BOT cannot serve or participate in Election for EC members.  BOT have responsibility of the administrative Master Control so that check and balance can be maintained. The BOT members term is for six years and expires in tier form (2, 4, and 6 years).  A reputed person who has experience of social organization and worked in favor of Madheshi community and MAA can be eligible to serve in BOT members. During the 1st MAA Convention, existing executing committee formed five members BOT under the leadership of Dr. Binod Shah. Here are the brief biographies of all BOT members.

Dr. Binod Shah- Chair

            Dr. Binod Shah is a medical doctor practicing in New York, NY. He has been social worker for almost 20 years in USA and associated with several national and international organizations. Currently, is serving as president of the Global Madheshi Association.

Dr. Bijay Kumar Jha – Member

            Dr. Bijay Kumar Jha is a research scientist in the Department of Internal Medicine of Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, where he has been working in a parasite Trypnosoma at molecular level to figure out the mechanism of chronic effect of Trypnosoma’s protein on human diseases. Dr. Jha has published many research articles in different renowned scientific journals in the world. He is originally from Janakapurdham-4, Nepal.

Dr. Mahendra Mahato – Member

            Dr. Mahendra Mahato is a semi-retired Scientist and a professor. He lives in Dallas, TX. In the past, he had worked as a Project Manager/Senior Environmental Scientist for 25 years in a reputed firm in USA. Currently, he is a professor in Dallas, TX and very much involved in social work here in USA and in Nepal.

Mr. Suneel Sah – Member

            Mr. Suneel Sah is a business entrepreneur by profession and lives in Dallas, Texas. Since last several years, he has been social worker and very much involved in the well-being of all Nepalese living in the USA.  He was the Founder President of the MAA, and currently serving Senior Vice-president of the NRN-USA.

Dr. Madhav Yadav – Member

            Dr. Madhav Yadav is a research scientist at USDA-ARS, ERRC in Philadelphia, PA, where he conducts basic and applied research for last 15 years. Dr. Yadav, originally from Maryadpur, Rauthat District, Nepal, is the author of over 80 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings.