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Message From President

Dear Members,

As I enter as the 3rd President of the Madheshi Association in America, I notice that our team has done an awesome job in this pandemic over the past couple of years.  But still, we are not done, we need to continue helping our society even with more energy than earlier. A team that enables us to help, advocate, brainstorm, give back to our communities, meet, network, and socialize with friends and communities all over the country and world.

The changes around us—whether social, political, technological, scientific, economic or otherwise—require that we help our clients navigate through new and increasingly poor communities, which profoundly impact the companies for which we work and our communities. In many instances, we are responsible to help shape those poor communities.  Our terrific MAA community of professionals, including all our sponsors, is a network on which I have become increasingly reliant when facing these new challenges and opportunities.

I’m proud of our last team’s successes over the last couple of years, particularly in providing more opportunities for meaningful engagement of our members and sponsors, introducing innovative programming formats and topics, and providing professional development and outreach opportunities.  In the year ahead, we will continue these initiatives, as well as additional programming designed for the different stages of your career, virtual meets, and events held in collaboration with other chapters in the USA and beyond.

Thank you members for your continued participation and enthusiasm in our professional community, and sponsors for your incredible support and advice. Finally, I’d like to give a special shout-out of appreciation to our immediate past president Mr. Ram Naresh Pandey, and to founding president Mr. Suneel Sah, and our entire team, for their tireless work on behalf of the MAA. Thank you all!

Wishing you a good and successful 2021-2022, and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Satendra Sah