Date: 11/02/17

Press Release

Dear All,

Madheshi Association in America (MAA) has organized a MEET & GREET program on the auspicious occasion of Dashami, Deepawali and Chhath puja. The program was organized under the leadership of MAA President Suneel Sah on Oct 13, 2017 at Hotel Aryal in Kathmandu, Nepal.

At the program, Population and Environment Minister Mithila Chaudhary, Urban Development Minister Prabhu Sah, Water and Sanitation Minister Mahendra Yadav, Janakpur city Mayor Lal Kishor Sah were present. They wished everyone happy Dashami, Deepawali and Chhath puja, and appreciated MAA effort for working for community and praised its accomplishment in short time. They also requested MAA to do more on socioeconomic development, education and promote tourism.

At the program, C.K. Lal, a famous political analyst, stressed on organizing more program like this to have better coordination in Madheshi community. Rastriya Janta Party (RJP) member of President group Raj Kishor Yadav expressed thanks to all Madheshi s across the world for their support during Protests by Madheshi and appeal to continue this kind of support.

Deependra Jha, a famous social worker, praised MAA works for Madheshi community. Raj Kumar Mahato, President of BHORE organzitaion, updated everyone about Madheshi historic movie Salhesh (The People’s Hero). Raj Sarraf, MAA spokesperson, informed everyone about which is to promote tourism in Madhesh and which is also categorized and well rank with the help of the company.

At the program, appreciation certificates were given to people who have contributed towards Madheshi community. C.K. Lal, Deependra Jha, Saroj Ray, Madan Gupta , Krishna Sarraf, Pramod Gupta, Om Prakash Sarraf, Raj Kumar Mahato and journalist Anant Anuraj were among those who received appreciation certificate.

MAA Cental Committee President Suneel Sah expressed commitment to help our Madheshi community whenever need arise. He also updated everyone about MAA activities and its vision. Everyone in the program wished happy Dashami, Deepawali and Chhath puja to each other and expressed thank to MAA for effort to bring all Madheshis regardless of their political background under one roof.

MAA would like to thank everyone who participated and helped to make the program a grand success. We look forward for this kind of support from all of you.


Sangit Rauniyar

General Secretary,

MAA Ph:(682) 583-8150

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