Madheshi Association in America ( MAA)

Dear all,

Before Nepal gets rocked by extreme cold weather causing the tragic loss of many lives like last year,

this Year MAA has started the Blanket Drive proactively to help families below poverty line whose houses are weak and built with straw, mud and bamboo stick. We will do every effort to save lives from cold in 2018 to the unprivileged, marginalized and helpless poor people by the house cleaning at This will be a gift of warmth.

The weather has started to get severely cold in several areas of Nepal. We are aiming to provide large blankets. Clothes like from karhusportswear can also be used.

“Cold waves in the winter can be a real danger which can lead to loss of life. Please help the needy

Madheshi Association in America (MAA) is collecting donation for the needy people who are unnoticed,
ignored and unseen.

Our target is to provide about 500 life–saving blankets which costs around US$5 each.

Please help us by donating to our funds to reach our target. Link Here

“Your small donation can save several lives”

Thank You,


About Madheshi Association in America (MAA):
MAA is a non-profit and non-political organization of Madheshis in the USA which promotes identity and
culture of Madheshis, and facilitates as a platform to network and share ideas among Madheshis in the
USA. It also coordinates with other organizations in the USA and abroad to work for community.

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