The Goal of MAA is to consolidate Madheshi to move forward for the empowerment of Madheshi community in USA, Nepal, North America, and Abroad. The specific objectives of MAA will be as below:

The objectives of the Madheshi Association in America (MAA) are to:

  • To promote close cooperation and interaction among Madheshies in USA, Nepal & Abroad.
  • To uplift and promote advancement of the Madheshi’s Cultural heritage.
  • To collaborate, and strengthen close relationship with other Nepalese organizations dedicated to the goodwill of Nepalese people in USA, Nepal, North America, and Abroad.
  • To conduct and be involved in the socio-economic programs for addressing the problems of Madheshi in USA, Nepal, and Abroad.
  • To provide educational support and logistic help to the promising Madheshi monder law students coming to USA for higher education.
  • To concentrate in the promotion of women’s cause, equality and professional development of Madheshi women.
  • To build a strong relationship with local partners for the advancement of Madheshi culture and heritage.
  • To raise fund for the support of natural, man-made, and personal emergencies and calamities.